News and Notes: September, 2017

Hello Everyone, Here is the news from September and for October.

The year has begun well. The children are learning the routine and are happy when they arrive at school. The teachers have made the school look really fun and inviting, and I appreciate all their hard work.

Themes this year will be a little different than in the past. There will be a general theme, but each teacher will decide how to flesh out that generality in a manner that matches her particular class.

Star of the Day will begin soon for the older children! I wonder who our first star will be? The younger children will begin Star of the Day in January.

Imagimotion Kidz has begun. They will offer their music and movement classes here once per month.

The All School Social Event of the fall will take place on October 12th at 5:30 (until 7ish). Please make plans to join us for an Ice Cream Social. Your whole family is invited, so please bring older and younger siblings too. There is a sign up on the back of the easel that will help us plan, so please take a moment and sign up (beginning next week).

Lunch and Extended Day have begun. If you child will stay for extended day, please send in a blanket on those
days in a separate bag for rest time. Thank you.

Please remember that there is No School on the 9th (Columbus Day).

A fundraiser if you are interested:
In the past, families have ordered labels from this company. They are made to stick even in the laundry and dishwasher. Please consider using them to label your child’s clothing (especially their outdoor clothing) and lunch containers. Thanks!
Name Labels– the school receives 20% of each order. I have earmarked these funds for an enrichment activity of some sort (animal adventures, puppet show, etc) in the spring. Thank you in advance.

Erin Campbell, 5 day parent, has generously volunteered to assist us periodically with science activities. On October 13th, she will plant bulbs with the 5 day children. Thank you to Erin!!

On the 17th or 19th (depending on their schedule) a fire truck and police car will visit the school for the children to see!

On the 18th, the 4 and 5 day children plus Mrs. Reynolds’ 3 day class will visit the fire station via a big yellow school bus!!! Forms to sign and with all the pertinent information will be in your bags in the coming weeks.

Our first Open House will be in November. More information to follow but please spread the word amongst your family and friends. Thanks.

New Segment in News and Notes. I and possibly some of the teachers will share a tid bit about childhood with you. To begin, I want to share with you a favorite childhood memory of mine. It is not just one memory; it is the memory of my best friend from early childhood. She was a neighbor, and I spent hours at her house or with her roaming the neighborhood (of course at an age and when it was acceptable to do this). One of my favorite play scenarios was when we would use M and Ms to pretend we were Underdog (Google it)! More than the experiences with her, though, I remember her. We are no longer in touch as our paths have diverged, but the experience and memories of her friendship remain and were formative for me. Maybe you have a similar story or your child is creating one now?