News and Notes, October, 2018

Our first OPEN HOUSE of the enrollment season will be on November 15 at 6PM until 7. PLEASE inform any families you know with two and three year olds of our wonderful school where children learn and thrive through play and are nurtured by warm and caring teachers. If you or someone you know wants more information about the school, I can be reached at or at 781-275-1383. Thank you for spreading the word about the treasure that is St. Paul’s Weekday Nursery School.

News and Notes: October
In the month of October, the children in the preschool experienced many events beyond the normal school day.

The four and five day and MWF children took their first field trip to the fire station. For many, it was their first trip on a big, yellow, school bus. The children could be heard saying, “I rode on the bus!” and “That’s the fire truck!”

Many of the groups took nature walks this month to find colorful leaves and to notice all that fall has to offer in New England.

Then of course, there was Halloween. The children who chose arrived at school in costume. After a parade for the Mrs. D’s 2 day and Mrs. Mark’s children, the regular day commenced. An orange themed snack donated by the parents was enjoyed by all. Mrs. D’s 3 day, Mrs. Reynolds’, the 4, and 5 day children also had a parade and then spent their small group time traveling around 2 stations of games that the teachers created.

Lunch and Extended Day is off and running. Many children are enjoying these additional hours where they experience closer interactions with teachers and peers. If you have not considered lunch or extended day, talk to me for more information!

Our families with past, present, and future students joyfully spent an evening together at our ice cream social. The children had fun creating their ice cream sundaes while the parents spent time socializing with each other, the teachers, and the director. The teachers and director spent some time at this fun event answering questions and offering tours of the school to parents who have not had the opportunity to see it as presented each day for the children.

Looking ahead to November!

A Librarian from Bedford Public Library will visit us on 11/7.

Parent Teacher conferences take place in November—TTh and 4 day are on November 15. MWF, TThF, and 5 Day are on November 16. There is NO SCHOOL on the day that your group is scheduled for conferences. The 5 day and TThF children WILL meet on the 15th. The big room will be available (with some, not all, toys) if you want to share child watching with parents of classmates. I will be unavailable on the 16th as I will be leading conferences for the TThF group. Sign-ups through Sign Up Genius will be sent later this week.

The Friendship Feasts dates where the children share snack time together in “fancy” clothes are November 19 and 20. If you would like to help set up and serve, please let me know. You will need to be at school from about 10:30 until about 11:30. We need two or three parent volunteers for each day, the 19th and 20th. Thanks!