News and Notes: November, 2017

We had a visit from a Librarian on 11/8 from Bedford Public Library. She read many books about fall and played a slide whistle that was a big hit with the children!

On the 15th, during our Parent Surprise corner, parents read Goodnight, Moon to the children in a variety of languages. Thank you to Erin Campbell who read in French, Takako Okamoto in Japanese, and Rachel Mark in Hebrew. The children were fascinated that the same story could be read so differently in the different languages.

Parent Teacher Conferences were this month. The teachers enjoyed their meetings with you and the meaningful conversations that transpired about your children.

The Friendship Feasts were fun. The children enjoyed wearing fancier clothes and exchanging gifts with their friends before sharing snack all together in the big room. They ate corn mini muffins that they had made earlier in the month. The families donated table décor, cider, and other treats for the children to enjoy at their celebrations.

Themes this month included transportation and Thanksgiving.

New families learned about our enrollment process at our first open house. Current families will soon begin choosing their programs for next year. New families will be placed beginning on January 15. Please send any families you know with 2 and 3 year olds our way!

In December, there are holidays to explore, PJ day, and parties!

As the month wrapped up and into December, we will be thinking about December holidays and the importance of giving. Once again, the older children will shop for a tree where our donations of mittens and hats will be placed. Please consider purchasing a pair of mittens or a hat that we will then donate to The Wish Project in Lowell ( Details on this field trip on December 4 to Seasons 4 in Lexington have been sent out.

On December 12 (2 day) and 13 (3, 4, and 5), the children are invited to arrive at school in their pajamas. We will read, The Polar Express together, and the children may be in for a special surprise after the story reading. If your child does not want to wear pajamas that is totally fine. Follow your child’s lead. Also on the 13th, the children will learn a bit about Hanukkah from Rachel Mark and Eileen Feldman.

The holiday parties will be on December 18 for 3, 4, and 5 day and December 19 for 2 day. The parties begin with arrival at 10 and end at about 11:30. Parents, grandparents, and other family members are joyously welcomed to attend! After your child’s party, school is then closed until January 2 or 3 depending on your days of attendance.

Some parents have begun to ask about holiday gifts for the teachers. Thank you for your generosity in thinking of us. In the past, the December gifts have been items for the classroom. I would like to change this as I believe that items for the school should be purchased with budgeted funds and that gifts for the teachers, be that, a gift for the teacher. Thus, I am asking that if you are considering a gift for the school in December that you make it a gift for your child’s teacher, instead. As I believe and I am sure you agree, they so deserve it. THANK YOU!!

Another article, this one about toy buying written by Barbara Meltz who once wrote a weekly parenting column for The Boston Globe: