News and Notes, May 2019

What a year it’s been!

So much to talk about, but the number one success of the year is the growth of the children that I have witnessed. The children are taller, wiser, and more confident than they were in September, and I couldn’t be prouder of the part my staff had in those accomplishments!

Highlights of the year include: The first few days of school, Halloween, the holiday party, the field trips to Season’s Four and the playground, staff meetings, talking with parents and other caregivers at drop off, meeting new families on tours and open houses, but most of all, enjoying the time spent with your beautiful children. Thank you for sharing them with me (us)!

Here’s to a great year and to the next one to come!

Lastly, if you are so inclined, please spread the word about us to family, neighbors, and friends who may need a preschool at some point! Thanks.