News and Notes: March, 2018

March is here and with it, discussions of pets, the weather, and dinosaurs.

On the 28th, Animal Adventures was here. Their program included two shows where they brought many animals including an armadillo with them for the children to view and touch, if they wanted. The demonstrator presented information about the animals in an interesting and fun manner!

Thinking ahead to late May/ early June, there will be a new event celebrating the children who will attend kindergarten in September. On the day we release the butterflies, the parents of children moving on to kindergarten will be welcome to witness the butterfly release with their child. I do not have exact dates for this as it will depend on the metamorphosis of the butterflies, but I will be able to give you an approximate window when the time is closer.

Next month, the activities offered will focus on spring! We will visit a farm later in the month.

Our entire program is almost full for next year. Please send your friends and family our way for one of the last, few openings!

Quote from the conference the staff attended on March 19: “Play may seem childish, but it is foundational to all the great achievements made by adults.” Peter Gray, Boston College