News and Notes: March, 2017

News and Notes: March 2017

March is here and with it, discussions of the weather, rain forest, dinosaurs, and space!

On the 29th, the Shah family presented a program for the school on India. Thank you to them for the generous donation of their time and for the fun, informative program!

It’s hard to believe that the year is winding down. Just a few more weeks of regular school and then two weeks of “camp.” Camp enrollment is in full swing and week two is full; week one has a few spots remaining.

Next month, the themes offered are spring and farm. Animal Adventures will visit us on the 5th, and we will visit a farm later in the month. 2 day children and younger siblings are welcome to attend Animal Adventures at either 10:30 or 11. All we ask is that an adult remain with them for the program. Should be fun!

Our 3 day program is almost full (just 2 more spots!) and there are some 2 day openings for next year. Please send your friends and family our way!