News and Notes: February, 2018

The themes of the month were Friendship and Valentine’s Day. These themes encouraged the children to think about who is important to them in their lives!

On the 12th, we were visited by Daisy and Rex, our friends, the marionettes. Thank you to Carolyn Clark, Judy, and Diane for their special show. The children loved it!

On Valentine’s Day and the day before, the children celebrated by passing cards, playing games, and eating special snacks.

Towards the end of the month, Dr. Coppe and Julie from Coppe Pediatric Dental in Lexington visited the school and talked to the children about dental hygiene (brushing twice per day for two minutes) and about what foods are good for teeth and which are not. They ended the session by allowing all the children to brush the large model teeth sets that they brought using large toothbrushes.

Picture days were on the 26th and 27th. Michael does a great job with the children!

The snow mounds in the back parking lot have made great space for play until the playground is accessible again! It has been closed because the rainy then cold days have created a thick layer of ice! Now, at the end of the month, we can use the playground again! Yippee!!

The themes in March will include jobs people do and pets. We will be visited by a police car on March 6 and by Animal Adventures on March 14. See below for more information on this.

Friday night, March 9, will be our annual Movie Night! Join us at 5:45 for pizza (see sign up sheet on white board, so we know how much to order– $2 per person). You may come in your PJs and please bring a blanket to sit on. The movie shown will be, “The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari,” which will begin at 6 PM and runs 55 minutes.

Our 3 day program is almost full and there are some 2 day openings for next year. Please send your friends and family our way!

Three dates to save!!
Friday March 9: Movie Night as described above
Wednesday, March 14: Animal Adventures will be here for two shows. One at 10:30, the other at 11. If you
have a two day child who would like to attend one of the shows, you are welcome. We just ask that a
caregiver remain with the child for the duration of the program.
Monday, March 19: Annual PAL all day workshop for staff. The school is closed so we can attend this
valuable workshop. This closing has been accounted for in tuition and lunch and extended day