News and Notes: February, 2017

News and Notes: February 2017

The themes of the month were Friendship, Valentine’s Day and Pets.  All of these themes encouraged the children to think about who and what is important to them in their lives!

Early in the month, Dr. Coppe and Brittany from Coppe Pediatric Dental in Lexington visited the school and talked to the children about dental hygiene (brushing twice per day for two minutes) and about what foods are good for teeth and which are not.  They ended the session by allowing all the children to brush the large model teeth sets that they brought using large toothbrushes.

On Valentine’s Day and the day after, the children celebrated by passing cards and eating special snacks.

The snow mounds in the back parking lot have made great space for play until the playground is accessible again!

On Mardi Gras (February 28), the two day children made and ate pancakes!

The themes in March will include weather and the rain forest.  On March 29, Ray’s grandmother will present for the school a program on India. The 2 day children are invited to attend. More details to follow! Thank you to the Shahs for this addition to our school curriculum.

Vacation is the week of February 20th, and Picture Days are on February 27 and 28.

Our 3 day program is almost full and there are some 2 day openings for next year.  Please send your friends and family our way!

Two dates to save!!

Monday, February 27:  Red Heat Family Fundraiser.  Consider dining out that night. When you present our flier  to your server, we receive a percentage of your back!

Monday, March 20:  Annual PAL all day workshop for staff.  The school is closed so we can attend this

valuable workshop.  This closing has been accounted for in tuition and lunch and extended day