News and Notes: April, 2018

The month of April saw the weather turn from winter to spring seemingly overnight. The children thought about spring and on nature walks, searched for signs of it. They planted various seeds in take home cups and grass in the sensory table that they will “mow” with scissors. The older children visited Chip In Farm where Farmer Sandy showed chicks, baby goats, rabbits and sheep to the children.

We will begin watching some caterpillars’ metamorphosis into butterflies. Parents of children attending kindergarten are invited to join us on the day that we release the butterflies. There will be more details to follow.

In May, we will round out the year with themes of Mother’s Day and the Ocean. The Mother’s Day theme will also include animal mothers and their babies. The older children will visit Emerson Playground in Concord for their final field trip of this school year.

The end of the year celebrations are on June 5 (for 2 day) and June 6 (for 3, 4, and 5 day). They begin at 10:30. More details and sign ups to come.