News and Notes: March, 2018

March is here and with it, discussions of pets, the weather, and dinosaurs.

On the 28th, Animal Adventures was here. Their program included two shows where they brought many animals including an armadillo with them for the children to view and touch, if they wanted. The demonstrator presented information about the animals in an interesting and fun manner!

Thinking ahead to late May/ early June, there will be a new event celebrating the children who will attend kindergarten in September. On the day we release the butterflies, the parents of children moving on to kindergarten will be welcome to witness the butterfly release with their child. I do not have exact dates for this as it will depend on the metamorphosis of the butterflies, but I will be able to give you an approximate window when the time is closer.

Next month, the activities offered will focus on spring! We will visit a farm later in the month.

Our entire program is almost full for next year. Please send your friends and family our way for one of the last, few openings!

Quote from the conference the staff attended on March 19: “Play may seem childish, but it is foundational to all the great achievements made by adults.” Peter Gray, Boston College

News and Notes: February 2018

The themes of the month were Friendship and Valentine’s Day. These themes encouraged the children to think about who is important to them in their lives!

On the 12th, we were visited by Daisy and Rex, our friends, the marionettes. Thank you to Carolyn Clark, Judy, and Diane for their special show. The children loved it!

On Valentine’s Day and the day before, the children celebrated by passing cards, playing games, and eating special snacks.

Towards the end of the month, Dr. Coppe and Julie from Coppe Pediatric Dental in Lexington visited the school and talked to the children about dental hygiene (brushing twice per day for two minutes) and about what foods are good for teeth and which are not. They ended the session by allowing all the children to brush the large model teeth sets that they brought using large toothbrushes.

Picture days were on the 26th and 27th. Michael does a great job with the children!

The snow mounds in the back parking lot have made great space for play until the playground is accessible again! It has been closed because the rainy then cold days have created a thick layer of ice! Now, at the end of the month, we can use the playground again! Yippee!!

The themes in March will include jobs people do and pets. We will be visited by a police car on March 6 and by Animal Adventures on March 14. See below for more information on this.

Friday night, March 9, will be our annual Movie Night! Join us at 5:45 for pizza (see sign up sheet on white board, so we know how much to order– $2 per person). You may come in your PJs and please bring a blanket to sit on. The movie shown will be, “The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari,” which will begin at 6 PM and runs 55 minutes.

Our 3 day program is almost full and there are some 2 day openings for next year. Please send your friends and family our way!

Three dates to save!!
Friday March 9: Movie Night as described above
Wednesday, March 14: Animal Adventures will be here for two shows. One at 10:30, the other at 11. If you
have a two day child who would like to attend one of the shows, you are welcome. We just ask that a
caregiver remain with the child for the duration of the program.
Monday, March 19: Annual PAL all day workshop for staff. The school is closed so we can attend this
valuable workshop. This closing has been accounted for in tuition and lunch and extended day

News and Notes: January, 2018

This month, the children learned about winter and winter animals before “Pick Your Own Author” week where each teacher chose an author to highlight. Mrs. Russo chose Dr. Seuss, Mrs. T and Mrs. Reynolds both chose Leo Lionni, Mrs. D chose Ashley Spires and Mrs. E chose Mo Willems. The month wrapped up with the chants of nursery rhymes.

February themes will include Valentine’s Day and Friendship. Valentines’ Day parties will take place on the 13th (2 day) and the 14th (3, 4, and 5 day). Please watch your email for card distribution instructions.

On February 12 two long time (27 years!) pre-school teachers at the Roudenbush School in Westford will be here for a marionette show. The performance will be at 11AM. The two day children are welcome to attend if an adult remains with them. It should last about 30 minutes. Thank you to Betsey Anderson, a church member and former parent and grandparent of students for arranging this for us!

February vacation is from the 19th until the 23rd. Enjoy your time off!

School pictures will take place on the 26th and 27th. More information to follow.

On February 28th at 10:00, Dr. Carolyn Coppe (dentist) will visit the school and talk to the children about dental hygiene.

There are some openings remaining in our 2 and 3 programs and one spot in 5 day. If you know of a child who would benefit from our play based program, please have them contact me at or 781/275-1383.

News and Notes: December 2017

In the festive month of December, the children prepared for the holidays. The tree was purchased and was soon covered with mittens and hats for donation to The Wish Project in Lowell. The menorah was demonstrated and Hanukkah explained to the 3, 4 and 5 day children by Rachel Mark and Eileen Feldman. Ornaments and gifts were created. In the middle of the month, the children arrived in pajamas, and The Polar Express was read to them. Each child received a bell from a box left behind by a special visitor! Later in the month, the children celebrated with their families at the annual parties. Each group sang songs that they prepared during the previous weeks with guidance from Mrs. McGinness! They did a great job! The parents and other family members were amazed and awed.

On February 12 two long time (27 years!) pre-school teachers at the Roudenbush School in Westford will be here for a marionette show. The performance will be at 11AM. The two day children are welcome to attend if an adult remains with them. It should last about 30 minutes. Thank you to Betsey Anderson, a church member and former parent and grandparent of students for arranging this for us!

We have some spots available in our program for September, 2018. If you know of someone looking for a preschool, please send them our way. They can contact me at or 781/275-1383. Our next Open Houses will be on January 9th at 1:30 to 2:30PM and January 17 from 6PM until 7PM. We also will be at the BFC Preschool Fair on January 8th. Pass the word!

Lastly, I want to let you know that some children experience a bit of a regression after long vacation breaks. This is totally normal. If it occurs, it should resolve itself rather quickly. Just an FYI.

Wishing you a joyful and peace- filled holiday season.


News and Notes: November, 2017

We had a visit from a Librarian on 11/8 from Bedford Public Library. She read many books about fall and played a slide whistle that was a big hit with the children!

On the 15th, during our Parent Surprise corner, parents read Goodnight, Moon to the children in a variety of languages. Thank you to Erin Campbell who read in French, Takako Okamoto in Japanese, and Rachel Mark in Hebrew. The children were fascinated that the same story could be read so differently in the different languages.

Parent Teacher Conferences were this month. The teachers enjoyed their meetings with you and the meaningful conversations that transpired about your children.

The Friendship Feasts were fun. The children enjoyed wearing fancier clothes and exchanging gifts with their friends before sharing snack all together in the big room. They ate corn mini muffins that they had made earlier in the month. The families donated table décor, cider, and other treats for the children to enjoy at their celebrations.

Themes this month included transportation and Thanksgiving.

New families learned about our enrollment process at our first open house. Current families will soon begin choosing their programs for next year. New families will be placed beginning on January 15. Please send any families you know with 2 and 3 year olds our way!

In December, there are holidays to explore, PJ day, and parties!

As the month wrapped up and into December, we will be thinking about December holidays and the importance of giving. Once again, the older children will shop for a tree where our donations of mittens and hats will be placed. Please consider purchasing a pair of mittens or a hat that we will then donate to The Wish Project in Lowell ( Details on this field trip on December 4 to Seasons 4 in Lexington have been sent out.

On December 12 (2 day) and 13 (3, 4, and 5), the children are invited to arrive at school in their pajamas. We will read, The Polar Express together, and the children may be in for a special surprise after the story reading. If your child does not want to wear pajamas that is totally fine. Follow your child’s lead. Also on the 13th, the children will learn a bit about Hanukkah from Rachel Mark and Eileen Feldman.

The holiday parties will be on December 18 for 3, 4, and 5 day and December 19 for 2 day. The parties begin with arrival at 10 and end at about 11:30. Parents, grandparents, and other family members are joyously welcomed to attend! After your child’s party, school is then closed until January 2 or 3 depending on your days of attendance.

Some parents have begun to ask about holiday gifts for the teachers. Thank you for your generosity in thinking of us. In the past, the December gifts have been items for the classroom. I would like to change this as I believe that items for the school should be purchased with budgeted funds and that gifts for the teachers, be that, a gift for the teacher. Thus, I am asking that if you are considering a gift for the school in December that you make it a gift for your child’s teacher, instead. As I believe and I am sure you agree, they so deserve it. THANK YOU!!

Another article, this one about toy buying written by Barbara Meltz who once wrote a weekly parenting column for The Boston Globe:

News and Notes: October 2017

Our first OPEN HOUSE of the enrollment season will be on November 16 at 6PM until 7. PLEASE inform any families you know with two and three year olds of our wonderful school where children learn and thrive through play and are nurtured by warm and caring teachers. If you or someone you know wants more information about the school, I can be reached at or at 781-275-1383. Thank you for spreading the word about the treasure that is St. Paul’s Weekday Nursery School.

News and Notes: October
In the month of October, the children in the preschool experienced many events beyond the normal school day.

For the two, four and five day children, they were visited by a fire ladder truck. Many children chose to climb inside while others noticed how large the tires are. Some 3 day children also came by to see the truck.

The four and five day (plus one of the three day) children took their first field trip to the fire station. For many, it was their first trip on a big, yellow, school bus. The children could be heard saying, “I rode on the bus!” and “That’s the fire truck!”

Many of the groups took nature walks this month to find colorful leaves and to notice all that fall has to offer in New England.

Erin Campbell and the 5 day children planted bulbs near the playground. Thank you to Erin for her help. We can’t wait to see them bloom in the spring!

Then of course, there was Halloween. The children who chose arrived at school in costume. After a parade for the 2 day children, the regular day commenced. An orange themed snack donated by the parents was enjoyed by all. The 3, 4, and 5 day children also had a parade and then spent the remainder of free play time traveling around stations of games that the teachers created.

Lunch and Extended Day is off and running. Many children are enjoying these additional hours where they experience closer interactions with teachers and peers. If you have not considered lunch or extended day, talk to me for more information!

Our families with past, present, and future students joyfully spent an evening together at our ice cream social. The children had fun creating their ice cream sundaes while the parents spent time socializing with each other, the teachers, and the director. The teachers and director spent some time at this fun event answering questions and offering tours of the school to parents who have not had the opportunity to see it as presented each day for the children.

Looking ahead to November!

A Librarian from Bedford Public Library will visit us on 11/8.

Parent Surprise Corner: Parents will read Goodnight Moon to the children in languages other than English on the 15th.

Parent Teacher conferences have been moved to November—2 and 4 day are on November 16. 3 and 5 Day are on November 17. There is NO SCHOOL on the day that your group is scheduled for conferences. The 5 day children WILL meet on the 16th. The big room will be available if you want to share child watching with parents of classmates. Teachers will post sign up times soon.

The Friendship Feasts (previously known as Thanksgiving Tea) dates where the children share snack time together in “fancy” clothes are November 20 and 21. See the white board soon for food sign up and adult helpers. Thanks!

The church will be re-landscaping the courtyard that is our entrance. We will need to enter by the church entrance during these days. Pick up will be by the back door near the playground. Please do not park by the church’s main entrance, so it is accessible to all.

News and Notes: September 2017

Hello Everyone, Here is the news from September and for October.

The year has begun well. The children are learning the routine and are happy when they arrive at school. The teachers have made the school look really fun and inviting, and I appreciate all their hard work.

Themes this year will be a little different than in the past. There will be a general theme, but each teacher will decide how to flesh out that generality in a manner that matches her particular class.

Star of the Day will begin soon for the older children! I wonder who our first star will be? The younger children will begin Star of the Day in January.

Imagimotion Kidz has begun. They will offer their music and movement classes here once per month.

The All School Social Event of the fall will take place on October 12th at 5:30 (until 7ish). Please make plans to join us for an Ice Cream Social. Your whole family is invited, so please bring older and younger siblings too. There is a sign up on the back of the easel that will help us plan, so please take a moment and sign up (beginning next week).

Lunch and Extended Day have begun. If you child will stay for extended day, please send in a blanket on those
days in a separate bag for rest time. Thank you.

Please remember that there is No School on the 9th (Columbus Day).

A fundraiser if you are interested:
In the past, families have ordered labels from this company. They are made to stick even in the laundry and dishwasher. Please consider using them to label your child’s clothing (especially their outdoor clothing) and lunch containers. Thanks!
Name Labels– the school receives 20% of each order. I have earmarked these funds for an enrichment activity of some sort (animal adventures, puppet show, etc) in the spring. Thank you in advance.

Erin Campbell, 5 day parent, has generously volunteered to assist us periodically with science activities. On October 13th, she will plant bulbs with the 5 day children. Thank you to Erin!!

On the 17th or 19th (depending on their schedule) a fire truck and police car will visit the school for the children to see!

On the 18th, the 4 and 5 day children plus Mrs. Reynolds’ 3 day class will visit the fire station via a big yellow school bus!!! Forms to sign and with all the pertinent information will be in your bags in the coming weeks.

Our first Open House will be in November. More information to follow but please spread the word amongst your family and friends. Thanks.

New Segment in News and Notes. I and possibly some of the teachers will share a tid bit about childhood with you. To begin, I want to share with you a favorite childhood memory of mine. It is not just one memory; it is the memory of my best friend from early childhood. She was a neighbor, and I spent hours at her house or with her roaming the neighborhood (of course at an age and when it was acceptable to do this). One of my favorite play scenarios was when we would use M and Ms to pretend we were Underdog (Google it)! More than the experiences with her, though, I remember her. We are no longer in touch as our paths have diverged, but the experience and memories of her friendship remain and were formative for me. Maybe you have a similar story or your child is creating one now?

News and Notes: May 2017

What a year it’s been!

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed my first year as director of your preschool! So much to talk about, but the number one success of the year is the growth of the children that I have witnessed. The children are taller, wiser, and more confident than they were in September, and I couldn’t be more proud of the part my staff had in those accomplishments!

Highlights of the year include: The first few days of school, staff meeting in August when the staff met each other, Halloween, the holiday parties, the field trip to Season’s Four, watching the caterpillars become butterflies, talking with parents and babysitters at drop off, meeting new families on tours and open houses, but most of all, enjoying the time spent with your beautiful children. Thank you for sharing them with me (us)!!!

Here’s to a great year and to the next one to come!

News and Notes: April 2017

The month of April saw the weather turn from winter to spring seemingly overnight. The children thought about spring and on nature walks, searched for signs of it. They planted various seeds in take home cups and grass in the sensory table that they then “mowed” with scissors. Later in April, the children could be heard mimicking cows, sheep, and chickens as they learned about life on the farm. The older children’s visit to Chip In Farm was dampened (and postponed) by the weather. This will happen in early May, instead.

Early in April, we were visited by Ariana from Animal Adventures. She brought a gecko, tortoise, ferret, snake, and alligator for the children to see and touch as they were comfortable. She taught the children about each animal in a way that was informative for their ages and interesting.

In May, we will round out the year with our annual End of the Year celebrations and camp. The themes for the early weeks will be Mother’s Day and the Ocean. The older children will visit Emerson Playground in Concord for their final field trip of this school year.

News and Notes: March 2017

News and Notes: March 2017

March is here and with it, discussions of the weather, rain forest, dinosaurs, and space!

On the 29th, the Shah family presented a program for the school on India. Thank you to them for the generous donation of their time and for the fun, informative program!

It’s hard to believe that the year is winding down. Just a few more weeks of regular school and then two weeks of “camp.” Camp enrollment is in full swing and week two is full; week one has a few spots remaining.

Next month, the themes offered are spring and farm. Animal Adventures will visit us on the 5th, and we will visit a farm later in the month. 2 day children and younger siblings are welcome to attend Animal Adventures at either 10:30 or 11. All we ask is that an adult remain with them for the program. Should be fun!

Our 3 day program is almost full (just 2 more spots!) and there are some 2 day openings for next year. Please send your friends and family our way!